Grace Lever Review

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Below you can check out some of our recent Grace Lever reviews from our do-ers inside the community.

We have received so many super positive reviews from the amazing women inside the Doing Academy that I thought it’d be crazy not to share.

Some of these women have come from our Doing School webinar and some have been with us from the start when we hosted Doing Days!

These women have taken the next step in their business and joined our Doing Academy community to complete some hard-core ‘doing’…

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“Since joining the Do-ers back in November, there’s been ups and downs in business, as is the nature. My head has never been more excited by the prospect of automation and less t-rex typing and creating passive income from two new funnels.

With new FB Campaigns, video views, and website clicks at 0.03c a click, we are now the #1 Educational App in South Africa, #2 Educational App in Australia and our Facebook page likes just hit 40k!

It’s so nice to be able to share and be proud! Thanks gorgeous ladies.”

“Celebrating! I have 18 beautiful Mums joining me for my Mindful Mums event on Feb 12th. They have mostly registered through my Facebook Ad Funnel (boy that took some work, great learnings) and through my email nurtures to current clients. Very very excited. This is the start of something beautiful. Persevere ladies, it’s worth it.”

“You’re amazing Grace and Adam! With your Academy and your support I believe ANYONE in any business can utilize Facebook for their business, especially us ladies! An e-commerce business myself, I have already gotten so much out of the Academy so I can’t wait to see what else you bring our way!”

“The fundamentals of the program are exactly what I need for my business. It is essential for business marketing, and should be at the core of every business plan.”

“This has helped me gain the essential market keying knowledge I was so desperately lacking and some I didn’t know I needed!”

“How beautiful that you are reaching so many female entrepreneurs and having such a positive impact! You should be mega, mega proud of the goodness, kindness and empowerment you are sharing and spreading!”

“Wow! I can’t believe how right my decision was about signing up to this program! I have barely begun and the energy in this group is inspiring! Thank you Grace for creating such an empowering tool! Now to get into the ‘doing’, can’t wait for it all to begin!”

“You have opened my eyes to a new world of business possibility and prospects.”