Grace Lever Identity Project Review

If you are looking into joining Grace inside the Identity Project make sure you check out this Identity Project review page. It is a collection of positive reviews and testimonials from other happy doers inside the community.

All of the doers below took part in the Grace Lever Identity Project webinar and have now joined the program, achieving really positive results in the process.

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We have received so many positive reviews from the amazing women inside the Identity Project that we thought it’d be crazy not to share it with you and celebrate these passionate female entrepreneurs in the process.

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These women have taken the next step in their business and joined our Identity Project community to complete some hard-core ‘doing’







“Just have to share that I’ve just finished module 6 of my online coaching program! Woo hoo.

Feeling good, working my butt off to get this to the finish line to start filming next week. Thank you Grace Lever for reminding us not to be perfectionists and to just get on with it.”

“It has opened my mind up to how to market a business and make money. How to prioritize what I do in my business to things that will actually make me money.

There is always so much to learn and it makes me feel excited.”

“I have a friend who highly recommended it and I saw her business skyrocket after participating in The Identity Project and the Doing Academy.

I already had a killer eCourse created with decent sales through affiliates, but knew your funnel could help me put that on autopilot and focus my efforts on my passion projects!”

“Absolutely loving this training, I must admit I was a bit hesitant at first but I have fully committed myself to have a successful and profitable business. I now know I made the best decision of my life today. Thanks…looking forward to more exciting info.”

“Mind blown! You telling me about Canva alone was worth all the money I spent on the Identity Project. You just saved me about a billion hours in Photoshop. Yay!”

“I’m so excited to share with you all that after the past year of “doing” and learning so much, not just from Grace but from all of you wonderful women in this super supportive community, I have finally been able to go live last night and put into action everything I’ve been working so hard for.

Thank you to all of you who have helped answer my techy type questions and for being brave enough to ask your own which we can all learn bits from along the way. Thank you Grace for creating this course and group. “

“I appreciate your straight-forward approach. Your “no fluff” policy means the world to me because I just don’t have the time or the money (or the patience!) to waste anymore.

I have spent thousands upon thousands to find that “missing piece” that was holding my business back and you really helped to shave that down. I am anxious to get the “machine” up and running to see if all is complete.”

“Watched the Facebook Intensive over and over… launched my first ad! So happy to see 7 leads out of 338 reaches ($2.79 per lead) in just a few hours. I know this will take time and I need to build a program to sell, but for now I need practice! Thanks Grace and Adam.”

“I am having so much fun learning. The missing piece for me has been knowing my numbers.

I have spent so much money on nefarious coaches that say this and that, and throw around the phrase ‘strategic planning’ etc.

To you Grace Lever I am very grateful…for putting this together for entrepreneurs such as myself who are willing and able, and just want to be shown how to do it.”

“It’s an incredible resource for anyone starting out in business. I love that you give exact step by step instructions. I’m very confident my business will be a success with Grace’s support.

I’m at the very early stages so am still refining my product and finding my market. So far I’ve tested a couple of ads on Facebook which have worked quite well in terms of getting email addresses.”