Grace Lever Identity Project Webinar Review

Welcome to the We are contacted regularly by those wanting to know more about the Identity Project webinar and what is included both during the identity project webinar and the course itself.

The Doing School Masterclass is a 90 minute online workshop that has been designed as the first step for female entrepreneurs to take when they are setting out to create a profitable lifestyle business. The Doing School Masterclass or Identity Project Webinar as it is referred to sometimes covers are range of topics including:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Facebook Marketing Insights
  • Lifestyle Business Strategies

All those that participate in the online workshop are also given the opportunity to join Grace inside her signature program, The Identity Project.

Below we have put together a number of Identity Project reviews, from do-ers who initially joined Grace on the Identity Project webinar.

Many of the stories and reviews from these amazing women in our community are super inspirational and will hopefully provide an insight into the Identity Project.

We have some women who have just got a business idea and some that have been in business for over 20 years!

Just like Alice who has just started out in the Identity Project but already has a clearer mind of which direction her business is going to head in.

Kelsey on the other hand had already been in business for a while and was rockin’ it…

She just needed a few tweaks to her funnel which the Identity Project helped her with!

Keep scrolling for more reviews about the Identity Project Webinar and course experience.







“Grace’s program is out of this world amazing! Filled with amazing value and training you won’t get anywhere else! I did it and it already changed my business immensely!”

“This woman is amazing! I’m part of her Doing Academy and Identity Project – she is pure value and delivers.”

“I have actually already recommended it to a few of my friends. It gave me the confidence that I am not alone trying to make it as a female entrepreneur with my little means and business knowledge.

And it gave me the confidence to take the plunge and start my business. It is really affordable. And the ongoing support is pretty amazing.”

“It’s fabulous you have such a terrific team behind you Grace. I hope when the day comes my partner and I can find those to work as apart of our team with the same goal, passion and drive as you all do! Good to work with you all.”

“I entered a new FB ad yesterday and this morning awoke to 20 new leads for my business! It didn’t happen instantly because I had to test ads but I hung in there and followed your advice on testing to see what works. Thanks for providing this valuable info.”

“This girl is awesome. She’s the real deal and her training is full of practical, profitable information.”

“I love this program! I do attend Grace’s Office Hours and Q&A’s – so so helpful and educational.”

“Wow, thank you Grace!

I am through the first week’s lesson and have already got a better structure in mind for workshops I have already booked in as a small test project

A lot of work to do now but this has given me the right direction to think in, I am looking forward to Week 2 and excited to get ‘doing!”

“So in under 2 weeks I have generated 120 leads for my ebook, signed 6 people up to my 6 Figure System, signed up more people to my low end program, mindset coaching and VIP days.

I’ve also been posting consistently and more motivated than I’ve ever been before. This has all been whilst only working a few hours a day most days whilst traveling around Europe.

Loving my mindset and action taking and just love my business and my life. So happy!”

“Ladies, let me tell you it can be done! With Grace’s help you can do it!

In one year I have increased my profits x10 from latest year, set up a fully functional home office, created a custom built website, hired an intern who will be permanent part time as from January, created an online membership program and so much more.

And now for my reward! My newest team member and my new company car “Hollando”! WOOHOO!”