The One Message To Pay Attention to in 2018

The State of Female Entrepreneurship Address For 2018

…And Why This Could Be The Most Important Letter You Read This Entire Year

From The Desk of Grace Lever
Aldgate, SA, Australia

Dear Lovely Lady,

Grace here and I wanted to put pen to paper today as I have a very important message that I wanted to share with you…

Something that I believe you need to hear as a female entrepreneur as we kick off a new year.

Think of it as my official “State of Female Entrepreneurship Address” for 2018 😉

…I will cover what is going to be working NOW for female entrepreneurs that will achieve the greatest success during the next 12 months…

And before you commit to reading the next few pages on what I am about to share with you:

I want to make it clear that this is not a sales letter 🙂

Rather, it is important information that I want to share with you as we begin a new year…

To ensure that you are setting your business up for the best chance of success!

All too often I will see two female entrepreneurs in the same industry, both have worked hard…


One has achieved far greater success than the other…

She has a business that has achieved both profit and lifestyle, allowing her the freedom to do what she loves every day and spend time with friends and family…

She has the freedom of choice to do what she wants when she wants.

Her counterpart, however is still trading time for money and spinning her wheels…

Stuck in the manual day to day…

(something I like to call “Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day”)

And the crazy thing?

Generally, the ONLY difference between them is simply the business model they’ve chosen.

One selected the manual way. The hard way to grow her business…and probably what she felt was the EASIER way at the time…

Where the smart female entrepreneur took the narrow path. The path less travelled.

And that’s where the results come much quicker…

Like when I started my own business and grew to 6 figures in 6 weeks and 7 figures in less than 12 months.

It wasn’t that I was any smarter, richer, harder-working or connected than other female entrepreneurs…

I just chose the right path.

It is this path that I want to tell you about today 🙂

Introducing the $100 billion dollar growth industry…
…that the majority of female entrepreneurs are passing over unknowingly

Did you know that right now there is a huge untapped opportunity sitting right in front of you in your own backyard?

And when I say your own backyard, I am referring to your own unique Genius Zone…

Your passion, skill set, thoughts, ideas and discoveries.

It is that thing you do that comes so naturally to you and where you can provide instant value to your market 🙂

So how do you actually monetise your Genius Zone?

It can be done in so many ways from online courses to group coaching or even high-ticket consulting.

The information and statistics that I am about to share with you will give you some much-needed motivation to take this message seriously…


If you want success as a female entrepreneur and want to achieve it in the most direct and straight path to the finish line then keep reading 😉

Did you know…

Right now, there are three HUGE OPPORTUNITIES for female entrepreneurs who want to sell information online and monetise their unique Genius Zones through coaching, consulting or high-ticket professional services?

Don’t take my word for it…

Let the stats speak for themselves:

  • Business Coaching: 44% of small businesses say they plan to invest in online training in the future. Currently, the business coaching industry accounts for $11 billion dollars a year in revenue as documented by
  • Personal Coaching: According to the 2016 Global Coaching Survey undertaken by the International Coach Federation, there are over 53,000 coaches worldwide and global revenue from coaching in 2015 was $2.356 billion USD, up 19% from 2011. According to the National Post: “Coaching is the second-fastest growing profession in the world, rivaled only by information technology…”
  • E-Learning: Based on a report from Docebo in 2016, the size of the E-Learning market was estimated to be over USD 165 Billion in 2015 and is likely to grow by 5% between 2016 and 2023, exceeding USD 240 Billion! The E-Learning and online training industry is growing by $816 million dollars every year. The industry is likely to be valued at over USD 27 billion by the end of 2016, primarily as a result of the fact E-Learning and related products and services have significantly expanded across the region in recent years.
  • Niche, How-To/Info Products: Non-business E-Learning courses (think health, wellness, relationships, hobbies, pets etc) is doubling every three years.

Long story short, no matter your niche or Genius Zone…

There’s an incredible opportunity available to you right now.

So here is the good news…

If you are selling information online or would like to sell information online and monetise your Genius Zone…

The industry and online environment are now fully primed for you to turn this opportunity into a legitimate and successful 7-figure business.

A business that will showcase your unique skillsets with the people that need you and allow you add immense value to the world while doing what you love 🙂

“Woohoo” to that right?!

Here are some more fascinating truths that should also peak your interest around selling information, coaching, consulting or high-ticket professional services online…

For every second that you read this letter, small businesses will spend $3,373.46 on information.

That is $226,407.91 per minute..

That’s $13,584,474.88 EVERY HOUR!

Which adds up to $326,027,397.26 per day!


Just on information products..

That’s nuts right?!

Are you starting to see the potential here and that you too can take a small part of this exploding industry?

When I first stumbled across these numbers, I thought they were a massively over-inflated.

So I did some digging…

Here’s what else I found…

If you sell any type of information online that is being used for professional or personal growth then you are part of a new industry that has been classified as E-Learning.

So what does E-Learning look like?

Here are some examples of E-Learning programs:

A course, ebook, seminar, online training or class on a crazy range of niches…

It doesn’t really matter the niche…

It’s whatever Genius Zone you’ve been blessed with!

  • Life Coaching
  • Relationships
  • Weight Loss
  • Parenting
  • Golf
  • Property
  • Sales
  • Business
  • Music
  • Wellness
  • Mediation / Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • Career/Executives
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Home Decorating
  • Beauty
  • Natropathy
  • Social Media
  • Videography
  • Nutrition
  • Self-help / care
  • And so many more!

Now if you are selling anything like this or have been thinking about putting something together that you can sell online…

Then you are already thinking like the successful female entrepreneur I talked about in the example before 😉

The one who has created a business that is leveraged and doesn’t rely on her trading time for money.

(So, GO YOU!!)

Her business model is built on the principle of doing it once and it is done.

She has created courses, online trainings, seminars and presentations that once created can be sold forever…

Over and over again creating true scale in her business.

Sadly (for them!), her tired competitor continues to have to work day in day out, spinning her wheels constantly having to produce and deliver new services and products for her clients every day…

In essence a traditional business model.

Hustling, working hard and getting a traditional business model up and running can be fun and engaging at the outset…

But I can guarantee you that you will completely burn-out over time.

Working in a traditional business model after 5, 10, 20 years only leads to two outcomes for female entrepreneurs.

Overwhelm and exhaustion

And that breaks my heart…

Because I’ve been there and I get it 🙁

So, I am writing this to you because I want to make sure you set your business up right to avoid these two outcomes which are truly that…


You’ve probably realised by now I’m pretty darned passionate about helping female entrepreneurs embrace this (and have success in doing so!)…

And that’s because I have lived and breathed this through my own personal experience.

Before I had developed the coaching and consulting brand, I too was working in a traditional business model consulting to businesses on all things online marketing and automation.

And it kinda sucked 🙁

You see, here’s the problem…

Although I was able to get to 7-figures a year in turnover…

(Which sounds dreamy right?!)

I had to work really hard to do it and was essentially just trading my time for money…

Which means I simply created a high paid job for myself that was way more stressful than a 9-5 with no chance of a balanced lifestyle…

Um…stressful much?!

I was overworked and exhausted and knew there was a much better way to share my Genius Zone with the world.

That was back in 2014 and it was this information that I am sharing with you today that was the genesis of me transforming my business…

…and moving away from a done-for-you traditional business model…

To a sustainable, scaleable and lifestyle friendly coaching and E-Learning approach to business.

After adopting the do-it-once-and-it’s-done approach to business, downloading and monetising my Genius Zone in the form of online courses, trainings, seminars and consulting…

And I now make more than 5 times what I was able to in my initial traditional business model…with much higher profit margins.

I work far less hours and have way more freedom to do what I love every day…

And I get to impact tens of thousands of people (instead of just hundreds).

All because of a simple shift in my approach to business 🙂

Now if growing the type of business I am talking about here as an in-demand coach, consultant or professional services entrepreneur in your own industry is of interest to you (which I hope it is after reading this)…

I’ll be sending you a follow up training in a few days where I will be revealing to you…

  • My Automated Client-Getting System so you never have to worry about how to get high-ticket clients and customers again;
  • My “Power of One” approach to business building that helps you remove the clutter and overwhelm and simplify your marketing strategy;
  • The types of products you can sell successfully as a newbie to the online world…without even having a finished program;
  • The non-techy steps to become a celebrity in your niche and stand-out in a saturated market (even if nobody knows your name!);
  • The only 3 web pages you’ll ever need to run a 7-figure business;
  • The ONE place I source my clients from that ensures they’re affordable, high-quality and automated.

Long story short…

Marketing GOLD made simple!

So, make sure you look out for my next training…



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