The Doing Academy Outlines The Exact Process Grace Uses To Create Profitable Lifestyle Businesses With Easy To Follow Lesson Structures

The Grace Lever team is super excited to invite you to the Grace Lever Doing Academy!

Here at we are all about creating profitable, lifestyle businesses for female entrepreneurs. We would like to encourage you to take the initiative to join the Doing Academy! This will without a doubt be the best action you have taken for your business this year 🙂

We are firm believers that business isn’t something that should be done alone – it takes a village to raise a child and a team to build a business!

By joining the Doing Academy, you have access to on-going support from Grace and her team of marketing experts.

You will receive immediate access to The Doing Academy Portal as a Foundation Member.

The Doing Academy Portal is Grace’s training hub comprising of 12 modules each focused on supporting and equipping female entrepreneurs to build their own profitable, lifestyle business.

The Doing Portal has been designed to help provide Doing Academy members with all the resources and training they need to build out their entire marketing funnel the right way in the least amount of time.


No fluff. No Hype. Just good old fashioned tried and tested marketing knowledge delivered via easy to follow simple training videos supported by PDF checklists and worksheets.


Doing Academy membership also includes weekly “office hours” for all Doing Academy members, where you have access for 2 hours every week to Grace and her team to answer any strategic or technical questions you may have in your business.


All Doing Academy members also gain immediate access to the private Facebook group. This is a place where female entrepreneurs come together to learn, encourage and grow in the areas of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.


It is a great way to connect with other like minded women in business and is supported and moderated by Grace and her team of expert coaches.

Doing Academy members also are connected with “Do-ers” in their local city via the Doing Academy private city Facebook groups.

Grace and her team facilitate local accountability catch-ups amongst members internationally, enabling like minded female entrepreneurs to meet up regularly face-to-face in a supportive, and inclusive environment.

Currently the Doing Academy community has multiple accountability catch-ups happening in cities across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and The United States.

Finally, as a member of the Doing Academy community you will gain access to VIP members drinks, networking events and free mini consult opportunities with the Doing Academy team. These VIP events and consults are scheduled multiple times each year in a city near you.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out in your first business, or you are ready to take a mature business to the next level, the Doing Academy will equip and empower you to automate your business, sky-rocket your revenue and create the business you originally set out to create 🙂

The Doing Academy is subscribed to on a contract-free basis, if you’re not absolutely loving it, you have no obligation to stay! This just ensures you get the most out of the Academy and build the business you set out to create.

Each month, you’ll have a new module released to you so that you can work through more profitable, automated strategies for your business. Alternatively, you can have the entire Academy unlocked for you immediately which gives you 12 months access to the entire Academy, private Facebook Group and Live Webinars.

If you would like to learn more about how you can take part in the Doing Academy community of over 3,000 female entrepreneurs globally, register for this free online workshop. In this free training, Grace lays out her tried and tested formula for building profitable, lifestyle businesses and lets you know how you can get involved with this passionate community of like minded female entrepreneurs. To register for the Doing School Masterclass, simply click here to get started.

At we are inspired by female entrepreneurs just like you and are so excited about the opportunity to join you on your journey.

We look forward to seeing you inside the Doing Academy soon!